Day of Remembrance

We would like to invite you to come to this year's Day of Remembrance observance. This is an educational event. This year we will have a special guest speaker, Grace Shimizu, who will speak on the WWII Japanese Peruvian experience and progress on reparations for Japanese Latin American internees. We will also have our annual exhibit of artifacts from the internment period. … [Read more...]

Day of Remembrance

February Day of Remembrance is coming Feb 15 - Please look for and bring your memorabilia from the days of your internment and resettlement. The annual display will be exhibited on the Sunday closest to the EO9066. Thanks for always making this event a memorable one. … [Read more...]

UMW Christmas Faire and All-Church Udon and Bake Sale

THIS SUNDAY!!! Christmas Handicraft items will be featured as well as specialty items. We will have many unique items suitable for Christmas gifts. If you can help with udon prep and UMW setup on Saturday, that would be much appreciated. The bake and udon sales will now be benefitting both the Youth and Church Retreat, so please, all are invited to help and bring baked goods to sell at the bake sale. Sunday, December 14, 2013 Noon to 2 p.m. … [Read more...]


MOCHI MOCHI MOCHI AS IN YEARS PAST, MOCHI WILL BE PURCHASED FROM THE WESLEY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (SAN JOSE) WE WILL TAKE YOUR ORDERS AND HAVE THEM AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP AT BMUC (OR DELIVERY AT PIEDMONT GARDENS) THIS IS A NON-PROFIT FUNDRAISER FOR WESLEY UNITED AND A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS ARE CONTRIBUTED TO BMUC! KOMOCHI (Regular) = $4.00 per pound -- Minimum order: 2 pounds (Mochi comes in 2 or 3 lb bags) SIGN UP BY: Tuesday, December 23rd On the sign up sheet in the BMUC foyer PICKUP DATE: Tuesday, December 30th, 2014, from 4-5:30 pm PHONE or E-MAIL ORDERS: Call Todd or Kathy Uyeno or send e-mail to Make checks payable to Todd or Kathy Uyeno - pay when you pick up your order … [Read more...]

Missions Advent Project

Your monetary gifts are welcome for the Missions Committee's Advent project. We would like, once again, to give gift cards to teenage Foster Kids. Last year's project was very successful and so much appreciated by the teenagers who live in foster care. Contribute whatever amount your heart leads you to share. A little tree is set up in the church foyer to receive your donations. Watch it come alive with ornaments shining with Christ's love! … [Read more...]

January Sunday Service

January Volunteers We are the church together! BMUC Worship Leaders 4 Greg Suzuki 11 Carolyn Soto 18 Mike Friedrich 25 Lindsay Hiratzka BMUC Ushers 4 Richard Sekiguchi, Margie Suzuki 11 Maru Hiratzka, Jackie Takahashi 18 Kevin Pon & Cheryl Tekawa-Pon 25 Peggy Hiratzka, Karen Wilairat BMUC Pianists 4 Michiko Uchida 11 Irene Tekawa 18 Kathy Uyeno 25 Karen Wilairat Sunday Greeters 4 Alice Ninomiya 11 Sandy Kaya 18 Wayne Akagi 25 Michelle Garabedian Sunday School Teaching Preschool: as needed, babysitters K-2: Gail Poust, Cheryl Tekawa-Pon* Bobby Shiota* 3-5: Mike Williams Middle: Steve Sanchez High: Mike Yamauchi*, CJ*, Tak Israels* Homevisitor Assembly Feb 2015 Issue Next article deadline 3rd Sunday 1/18 4th Sunday assembly 1/25 Youth, more help … [Read more...]

November Sunday Service

BMUC Worship Leaders 2 Carolyn Soto 9 Steve Hayes 16 Lindsay Hiratzka 23 Paul Iwahashi 30 Kaz Iwahashi … [Read more...]

Sermon September 28

To those of you who were on the Family Retreat this weekend, welcome home and I hope you all had a great, enriching time. Those of us at the service at BMUC were treated to Rev. Naomi's first sermon since returning from her renewal leave, in which she spoke about her pilgrimage trip to Rocamandour. You may listen to her words here: Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Choir Blast 2014

Choir Blast 2014 BMUC Choirs in Concert Saturday, 9/20 at 4 p.m. and Sunday, 9/21, at 10:30 a.m. … [Read more...]

September Service

September Sunday Service BMUC Worship Leaders 7 Jean Hart 14 Lindsay Hiratzka 21 Greg Suzuki 28 Sara Haruyama BMUC Ushers 7 Richard Pearson, Maru Hiratzka 14 TBA,Karen Wilairat 21 Margie Suzuki, Jackie Takahashi 28 CJ, Peggy Hiratkza BMUC Pianists 7 Michiko Uchida 14 Kathy Uyeno 21 Irene Tekawa 28 Karen Wilairat Sunday Greeters 7 Alice Ninomiya 14 Sara Haruyama 21 Cheryl Tekawa-Pon 28 Maru Hiratzka Sunday School Teaching Preschool: as needed, babysitters K-2: Gail Poust, Cheryl Tekawa-Pon* Bobby Shiota* 3-5: Mike Williams Middle: Steve Sanchez High: Mike Yamauchi*, CJ*, Tak Israels* Homevisitor Assembly Sept 2014 Issue Next article deadline 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday assembly 9/28 Irene Tekawa, May Hirose, Esther Takeuchi, Esther Tanizawa more help … [Read more...]