Bazaar 2024

DEAR GUESTS: Thanks for your interest in our bazaar! BMUC Annual Bazaar 2024 is set for June 2nd. Revived and revamped last year, the tradition continues, once again offering food, fun, and fellowship to the community. Save the date for sure!  See you soon! Ordering your box dinner:1. Please visit this link to order your box dinner (UPDATE! preorder IS OPEN TIL May 31): ------------------------------------------------------------------ MEMBERS AND FRIENDS: Please bring your family, friends & neighbors! We're counting on you! Poster: Please download (or pick some up at church) and share and post our awesome flyer, courtesy of Lee Marrs! Ask businesses if they would post our flyer in their … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Letter 2024 April

Dear Siblings in Christ,Are there scripture passages, even chapters in the Bible that you find troubling, or confusing – out-of-date or, you may think simply ‘no longer apply’ to contemporary culture?  Do you wonder how to respond when others bring up those scriptures and want, or ‘expect’ you to explain? Maybe you want to better understand those scriptures for your own growing relationship with God in Christ.  You would not be alone.  Many people, including clergy, find some scripture challenging to understand or interpret into contemporary life, even life we hope for when we pray ‘your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Are there contemporary social behaviors, social mores, economic or political activities, or familial relationships or actions that you wonder … [Read more...]

Holy Week

Please do join us for worship throughout Holy Week! Palm-Passion Sunday, March 24, 10:30 am worship We remember the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem to palm branches waving branches and cloaks thrown before the donkey upon which he rode, even as political and religious zealots were plotting his arrest, conviction, and death. Good Friday, March 29, at 7 pm, we remember the unlawful conviction and death of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  Grieved we leave in silence to await God’s work.   Easter Sunday, March 31, 10:30 am worship, we come to the tomb, surprised, and filled with joy that not only is the cross empty, so is the tomb and our Lord is risen!!  And, of course, we welcome kids from all walks of life to an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt, learning the journey of Jesus from his … [Read more...]

Lenten Drama series

Malchus & Mark at Gethsemane OVERHEARD Conversations by the Crossby Arden W. MeadDo you suppose it is possible that various people who were involved in our Lord's Passion ever had the opportunity to talk with one another about it?... perhaps even right then, while the events were happening? Can you imagine what they might have said?... people like: -Malchus, whose ear was cut off and healed at Gethsemane, and Mark, who ran from the Garden naked;-Barabbas, the criminal released when Jesus was condemned, and Caiaphas, the high priest who led the cries for his release;PontiusPilate and Procula, his wife;Simon of Cyrene, who carried our Lord's cross, and the Centurion who compelled him to;The Two Thieves who were crucified with Christ;Mary, our … [Read more...]

Day of Remembrance 2024

We will show a short video from many incarcerated in the camps. We will also show the award-winning short film, "Nisei"  Info from Janet: The director  and writer of the film, Darren Rae, has a BMU connection in that he played BMU basketball for about 10 years and that he and his mother participated in the bazaar for years. Darren wrote and directed this 21-minute film to honor his family and the Japanese-American community. The film has won several awards at film festivals across the country and in Europe. This is not a documentary, but rather a drama based on the experiences of his grandfather and great-uncle, who are portrayed by talented Japanese-American actors Jonathan Tanigaki and Brent Yoshida.Darren and cast members have done Q&A sessions at film … [Read more...]

BMUC Joins Interfaith Support for Permanent Ceasefire on Gaza

This past month I participated in two events in support of Palestine, and a permanent ceasefire for Gaza. On Wednesday, December 6, I joined over 500 interfaith clergy and laity to march across the Golden Gate Bridge with banners, flags, music and chants.  Some of us started on the Marin side while other started on the San Francisco side and we met in the middle.  We were greeted by drivers with thumbs up and honking horns. United Methodists were one of the largest groups of faith people marching that day in support of Gaza, a ceasefire, an end to the occupation and, an  end to US military support for Israel. It is a grave state of affairs that our US government and many private businesses support the ongoing occupation and killing of Palestinians my Israeli … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Letter 2023 July

Greetings from Annual Conference Session (ACS) Lay Members to ACS Paul Iwahashi, Olivia Iwahashi, & Rev. Pam We are writing to you post-2023 Annual Conference Session (ACS).  We want to share with you some of the highlights we witnessed and experienced One of the newest items to come out of ASC this year was a vision statement for the Cal-Nevada UMC developed by the CORE team.  The CORE team, comprised of four main areas, oversees the implementation of the mission and vision of the annual conference, and follows up on decisions made at the annual conference session. The vision statement developed is Follow Jesus; Thrive in Community; Healing the World. Bishop Dyck said, “A vision statement can help us in our daily living, decision making, behavior and witness… … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Letter 2023 May

Grace and Peace my siblings in Christ,  I write to you from our Palestine Holy Land Pilgrimage. We have just begun our pilgrimage in Bethlehem, West Bank, entering one of the many Palestinian refugee camps and along the Barricade Wall (called also The Separation Wall). I am reminded that it is still the Easter season, the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus, a Palestinian Jew.        Having to go through the military checkpoint to enter and leave Bethlehem, I am reminded as the Gospel of Luke shared, Joseph with a very pregnant Mary, walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem, around a two week walk. If this were today, they would have had to go through a military checkpoint, having to explain what right they had to go in or to leave.       This day … [Read more...]

Easter Letter 2023 April

Easter, 2023 A Blessed and Happy Easter Dear Siblings in Christ, Happy Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord! Jesus has risen from the dead! This announcement resounds in the church throughout the world, together with singing ‘Christ, the Lord is Risen Today. Alleluia!’  This Good News has been lit like a new flame in the hearts of believers, even in the face of the challenges in our world due to climate change, war, and increased restrictions on individual rights and liberties. We can be so grateful and joy-filled to gather as an open and inclusive community of faith in the Lord’s resurrection, when many do not welcome people because of who they love, how they identify, and how they worship the Creator of all.  This gratitude and joy grown in the love of God in … [Read more...]

Lenten Bible Study

Greetings siblings in Christ, We’ve entered Lent. I pray you are finding ways to draw closer to God and lean into leadings of the Holy Spirit (HS).  We want to invite you to one of our two Lenten studies: Sundays after worship in the Issei Chapel from noon to 1 pm. or via zoom you can at  OR  Tuesday evenings at 7 pm via zoom at (please note, these are 2 different zoom links!) Our sessions will begin Sunday, March 5, 12:00 pm and Tuesday evening, March 7, 7 pm You can pick up the book through Kate Bowler’s website at You can get the related study … [Read more...]