Kato Memorial Scholarship

Rooted in history to help create a brighter future…

The Kato Memorial Scholarship is offered once a year by Berkeley Methodist United Church to honor Rev. Suzunosuke Kato, one of the earliest pastors in the history of our church. Rev. Kato was instrumental in the faith and lives of many of our congregants, especially among the youth and young adults. This scholarship was a way for us to honor his life and his work.

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It began as an award to seminary students who were part of the Northern California Japanese Christian Church Federation.  What was in 1929 a $50 scholarship to Masaichi Goto became a $1,000 thanks to the hard work of many who contributed over the years to establish the fund.  Past recipients of the scholarship include Rev. Lester E. Suzuki (1932), Rev. Lloyd Wake (1947), Bishop Roy Sano (1957), Rev. Mike Morizono (1962), Rev. Alpha Goto (1976), Rev. Keith Inouye (1982), Rev. Roger Morimoto (1982), Rev. Mark Nakagawa (1983), and Rev. Michael Yoshii (1984)

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Applications are typically available toward the end of the calendar year to students who are members of one of our historically Japanese churches. You do not have to have any Japanese ancestry to apply. Special consideration is given to seminary students who plan to pursue a career in service to God.