Trustees Update

Trustees Update

Trustees: Joy Goto (Chairperson), Cassie Crossley (Secretary / Facility Calendar), Elaine Kawakami, Sandy Kaya, Randy Hill, Kevin Pon, Rev Craig Yoshihara

The new Trustees committee has met twice this year and we are still learning our way with the help of our mentor David Fujita. We have discussed many different topics and we will bring you updates through this newsletter. Here are some of the important updates we wanted to communicate:

* If you would like to use the church, please first check the online google calendar at and then email Cassie ( with your request. Include the event details, date, time, and space requested (e.g. Sanctuary, Social hall, Kitchen, Issei Chapel, Kato Hall, entire church)

* To use the facility for no cost, you must be a church member. Members can’t reserve for an outside group or other non-members. This rule does not apply for funerals (anyone can reserve the church for a funeral).

* Supporting donations programs need to have a time limit (food drives, clothing drives, etc.). Donations need to be accepted in the Social Hall.

* Donations for giving the church things such as furniture, large items, kitchen ware, books, etc. need to be requested to and approved by the Trustees.

* Recently completed projects: parsonage, gutter cleaning and repair, back door glass replacement, and sliders on the communion table

If you have any ideas, please feel free to speak with anyone on the Trustees!