Please let us know your email address to receive the Homevisitor



Due to the current shelter in place orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a lack of volunteers, it has become more difficult to produce and distribute the postal version of our Homevisitor newsletter. Given these circumstances, we intend to primarily communicate by email and social media, and only mail the newsletter to folks without email.

 If you are not receiving the Homevisitor by email, we probably do not have your email address. Please take a moment now to send us your email at . We will add you to our Homevisitor email email list. ( 1 Homevisitor email per month and memorial announcements.) If you like, we can also add you to our Yahoo group. Rev. Craig sends 1 update and prayer concerns email per week.

 If you do not use email, please send us a note in the mail (or call the church office) and let us know if you would like to receive the Homevisitor every month by first-class mail. 

We’d appreciate if you could also let your friends and relatives know to send us their info if needed.

Hereafter, we will only mass-mail Homevisitors to everyone by US mail on holidays. (Email version will be sent out monthly as usual.)

We really want to keep you informed about news going on with your BMU family.

So please let us know either your email address, or send a note or call to let us know you would like to be sent the Homevisitor and sermons by first-class mail. Our address, phone and email can be found in the return address area of this newsletter.

Thank you!