News from your Trustees/January 2022

Happy New Year!!!! from The Board: Joy Goto, Randy Hill, Lee Marrs, Michael Williams, Rev. Craig Yoshihara

I. Another year begins with the promise of better days to come. Yes, though the COVID virus is not through with us yet, we have learned a lot about it over the past two years, and know better how to guard ourselves and our community against infection. We will continue to adhere to our health guideline protocols, adjusting them as needed. Thank you all for your flexibility, understanding and cooperation as we strive to keep everyone healthy.

II. Cheers to the New Year, to new hopes, new goals, new resolutions, and also, to renewed energy, renewed commitment, and renewed dedication in ourselves for our community and for our beloved Berkeley Methodist United Church.

III. Continuing to preserve BMUC’s legacy, and trying to safeguard its future will be as ever our foremost challenge in 2022. Last year, our Board of Trustees lost two members whose seats are yet to be filled. We look to God for His blessings and help in our endeavors, and, in addition, to you, our community members. While trying to attend to the many needs of the church can be a daunting task, the work is satisfying and fulfilling as we strive to maintain the gift we have been given, our  House of Worship . Please join us, as you are able, in our efforts. We look forward to new members, new ideas, and growing accomplishments in a bright New Year.

Respectfully submitted, Joy Goto.