Living with Dementia-Further Steps

Living with Dementia
Thanks to you, we had an attendance of over 50 at our Living with Dementia event last month. Many expressed interest in learning more, so we will host two more events:

“Know the 10 Warning Signs” of Alzheimer’s–by Grace Liu from the Alzheimer’s Association, 12:30 (after church service). Date in Feb, TBA

“The Savvy Caregiver”
Dear Friends,
Some of you attended our workshop on Practical Suggestions for dealing with dementia. Since you expressed interest, BMU would like to host a more detailed workshop led by the Alzheimer’s Association, the “Savvy Caregiver.” Here is a description of the workshop:

Based on research by experts, this 6-week course will provide clinical-level training for family caregivers. Improve your knowledge, approach, skills and outlook. Gain the confidence to set and achieve caregiving goals. Learn strategies to manage stress, make decisions, and manage activities of daily living. The Savvy Caregiver Training Program provides over 12-hours of face to face training with dementia experts and a caregiver’s manual.

The leadership will be provided by the Alzheimer’s Assn. However, there are some requirements. We need a minimum of 15 participants for the workshop to be held at our church. These participants need to commit to 6 2-hour sessions. We can schedule the sessions around the participants’ schedules.

Therefore, our next step is to find out if there are 15 people who are interested in participating in the workshop. After that we can set the date(s) according to their schedules — I’m assuming early in 2017. Please let me know your thoughts.
Rev. Naomi