Craig’s Corner 2022 March

Getting ready for Easter!

Although the mask mandate has been lifted state and county wide, our COVID team decided to remain worshipping online to get a better feel for how the infection rate will be affected by the change.  We all remember last summer when mandates were first lifted before we discovered Delta and Omicron variants to the virus and the need to shut down again because of the rapid spread of the infection.  We definitely wanted to avoid that scenario and decided to play it safe for now.  

The good news is we plan to reopen on Palm Sunday – April 10.  Just in time for Easter Sunday.  

We hope that the COVID infection rate and the relatively low number of cases will remain low and there won’t be a need to do anything differently.  But just in case, we are being cautious as we re-open.  Still, I hope you’ll find time to join in the festivities that week.  Of course, there’s Palm Sunday where we are truly going to celebrate life!  Then we are working on a joint virtual NJAUMC service for Good Friday with our sister historically Japanese churches – we will let you know how that develops.  Easter Saturday @10am will be our Easter Egg Hunt in the lower parking lot (more details to come).  And of course Easter Sunday on 4/17 @10am in our Sanctuary.  

We are planning some fun surprises along the way so I hope you’ll join in on the journey.  And please invite your friends and family, too!

Peace in Christ,

Rev. Craig