Craig’s Corner 2021 May

I’m excited about our future!

Our Easter outreach was more successful than we had hoped for, reaching about 50 kids in our community – almost none of them from our church.  We even had a few join us for Easter worship which was great, and we continue to touch people’s lives for Christ.  Our Flowering of the Cross gave us a chance to see old friends and new for the first time in a long time at the church.  And we hope that as we continue our outreach efforts we will see more people asking deep and meaningful questions.

In the meantime, we have a few questions for you!  

If you would help us out and answer a short survey about coming back to in-person worship, it would be a great benefit to our Worship Team, our COVID Task Force, and hopefully to you as well.  We want to get a better understanding of how you feel about coming back to worship.  Have you enjoyed online worship?  Will you be doing that more often?  What will inspire you to return?

Please fill out our online survey here.

Our plans for the time being are to only return once most people have had the opportunity to get vaccinated.  While many of you are, still many are not.  We also want to wait until returning to worship FEELS like returning to worship.  Being able to sing, enjoy music and fellowship, and eating are all essential parts of our time together.  Right now, the state would require 50% capacity (probably about 50 people socially distant), seating only by households, no hugging or shaking hands, no food before or after, and no singing.  Seems like a lot to give up.  

However, given the rate of vaccinations, we might return as early as July.  Our COVID Task Force will determine a timeline for return and our Worship Team and Trustees are working out details for when that actually happens.  We still plan to have a celebration when the doors open again.  What that will look like and when it will happen are still to be determined, but we are excited for the possibilities.  For now, please keep our leadership team in prayer for the future!  We hope to see you soon!

Peace in Christ,  Rev. Craig