Craig’s Corner 2021 April

Moving On…

As we approach Easter, I’m very excited!  With conference approval, we will have some limited gatherings on site at the church.  Like our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt and Flowering of the Cross!  Please come and invite family and friends to join us as we slowly test the waters for a safe return.  

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Coming back will require much planning and hard work.  Getting the church ready after over a year of being empty is more than just turning the lights back on.  We have to thoroughly clean and sanitize the whole area.  We have to fix things that need fixing.  We need to inventory our “stuff” and figure out what needs to be taken care of.  And we have to do all of this in a safe and socially distant way.  We need to plan for virtual worship since we plan on continuing it even after we come back in person.  And we need guidance on the best ways to handle gathering in the aftermath of COVID.  

But we are looking forward to it.  As we said a year ago, we plan to have an Easter-like celebration when we return!  So please look forward to that.  Our best estimate is we will return some time during the summer – most likely late summer but maybe (MAYBE) as early as late July depending on vaccinations, case rates, and new infections.  We will turn to our civic leaders and our COVID Task Force for guidance in those areas.  

So we are still planning on some socially distant celebrations until the time comes when we can safely gather again.  Tentatively, our calendar is as follows:

  • “How Good Is Good Enough?” – Sermon Series following Easter
  • 5/2 – Kids Day celebration
  • 5/9 – Mother’s Day
  • 6/20 – Father’s Day
  • Return to worship in person????

Please pray with me for the safe reopening of our church.  Prayers for good leadership, for clear thinking, for safety over expediency, and for the safety of those we hope to care for in the coming days, weeks, and years to come.  In the meantime, we can do our part to help others know the love of Christ, even socially distant.  Invite family to worship (so easy to do from the comfort of your home), bring friends to a small group gathering (virtually for now), and be sure to join us each week as we explore new ideas for coming together.  “See” you soon!

Peace in Christ,

Rev. Craig