Conference News 2021 July

GCORR podcast Expanding the Table – Episode 2 available now
“Expanding the Table” is GCORR’s new podcast on practicing anti-racism.
   In episode 2, three Asian-American Christian theologians examine the history and current realities of anti-Asian racism in the United States and what every Christian should know and do.  Our guests include: The Rev. Dr. Mai-Anh Le Tran, The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kuan, The Rev Dr. Boyung Lee 

Children’s Worship for July 4Theme: Prayer Scripture: Luke 11: 1-4 This week Lamb-see-do greets and blesses the children; Momoko Tamaoki-Newsome from Sacramento Japanese UMC gives her last message as part of Children’s Worship; and Mort sings a prayer … 

The Ongoing Palestinian Nakba (“catastrophe”) Settler Colonialism and Land Confiscation in the West Bank  by Michael Yoshii
This month, we will look at the larger picture of Israel’s colonial settler enterprise and the systematic confiscation of Palestinian land throughout the West Bank including East Jerusalem. This colonial theft is a key element of the Nakba, the catastrophe: the continuing crime of ethnic cleansing that the Palestinian people have endured since the Zionist project began in Palestine over a century ago.
   Guest speaker will be Dr. Hatem Bazian. Ata Manasra will also join us.Join us on July 10th, at 10:00 am (PT) / 1:00pm (ET) for this highly informative macro and micro look at the Israeli settlements enterprise, the keystone of the Israeli occupation.Registration required: