Bring Treats for the Easter Egg Hunt!

We need your Easter eggs!

  • Drop off filled eggs / Easter treats at the church before Saturday 4/3!
  • Drop off by appointment; just contact Rev. Craig (
  • Each child / family will receive about 8 eggs / treats each
  • Please stuff your eggs with individually wrapped items only
We need your eggs!

We are hoping for a great turnout for our traditional Easter egg hunt and want to make sure we have enough eggs for however many kids show up. It’s okay if we have “too many” eggs. Can you really have too many by the way? Any extra eggs we have, we will donate to a local shelter. So don’t be afraid to bring eggs to the church! Just make sure you drop them off before Saturday 4/3 so we have them in time for the event.

How to fill an Easter egg!

Bring as many as you like. Each child / youth who participates will receive about 8 eggs each so stuff them with goodies. How big should your eggs be? What kind of treats? Just watch our handy video (above) for tips on filling your eggs. Please remember only individually wrapped items. And since we are doing it a little differently, if you’d like to bring treats that don’t typically fit inside of an egg (like Pirate’s Booty or Popcorners), feel free.

If you’d like to bring alternate types of snacks, you can!

Please make an appointment with Rev. Craig to come by the church and drop it off. Even if you have a key to the church, please let us know so we can make sure only one person at a time is inside. Thank you so much and we can’t wait for Easter!!!