Bazaar 2017

We welcome your help with Annual Bazaar!  Come and fellowship! See you there! 

BMUC 2017 Annual Bazaar Schedule (tentative)
NOW Solicit donations for our Silent Auction
EARLY IN MAY Make osushi vinegar mix (afternoon.); ask businesses to post our flyer
THURS. Prepare curry A.M. 9am-12pm  P.M. 1-5pm 
FRI. All day Clean Kato hall, tables, shelves, floors
Arrange tables & chairs for Saturday A.M. norimaki
Wash rice cooling trays, metal and plastic serving trays
Prepare vegetables: make parsley sprigs, chop takenoko, grate carrots,
make celery strips
Prepare norimaki ingredients: slice shiitake, cut kampyo strips
Prepare chirashi ingredients: chop kampyo & shiitake, cook chopped
takenoko and grated carrots
Make udon dashi
SAT.      6:00 A.M. Wash and cook rice
7:00 A. M. – 5 P.M. BBQ Pork spareribs at BMUC
7:00 A. M. Begin rice cooling.
9:00 A. M. Make norimaki, Stuff inari
Package fortune cookies
10:00 A. M. Setup UMW craft booth
Sat. afternoon
  Package osushi plates
Make chirashi 
Musubi making
Set up Silent Auction
Set up tables for assembly lines for box lunches
Wash dishes for curry and bowls for udon
6:00 P.M. Assemble box lunches
Set up tables and chairs for dining and counter sales
Cleanup BBQ items and clear kitchen
Hang signs
SUN.    A.M.Wash and cook rice for curry
Prepare curry rice and udon
Prepare for unagi donburi,rice and barbecue tare
Decorate and set tables for dining
Prepare for counter sales of food
Prepare for box lunch counter
Price baked goods
Boil water for tea
12:00 NOON -4:00 P. M. BAZAAR
4:00 P. M. CLEAN UP
Please join in wherever you can! Many hands make light work!

Beyond offering the old platitudes that “many hands make light work”, and “the more, the merrier”, we sincerely invite and welcome you to join the fellowship and effort to make our BMUC 59th Annual Bazaar the joyful and successful event it has been for all these many years. In the community spirit of former times, of barn raisings and quilting bees, the goal is not only to accomplish a specific task, but also to share friendship, knit individuals together for the common good, and to do this in a fun and caring manner.

So, do come out. Join us. See old friends, make new ones. Maybe, learn some new skills. No experience is required, just a willingness to get involved. On the other hand, we know that there are a lot of you talented, creative people out there with abilities “hidden under a bush”. It’s not all about working as sous chefs in the kitchen, or about brawn for setting up tables, chairs, and booths, though there are a lot of those jobs to fill, too. Are you handy with a paint brush? Is entertainment up your alley? Are you interested or knowledgeable about objects d’art and antiques? Whatever your gifts, there’s a job for you and many slots open.

It’s fun and fulfilling. Plus, you get the satisfaction of making  difference in “times” that seem to be beyond our control. If you would like to be part of “the crew”, please contact Kathy Uyeno, Lindsay Hiratzka or Joy Goto-Aaronson through the church office,

Do you have some hidden treasure tucked away in the back of your closet? Or, perhaps, you have a “possible” antique that just doesn’t fit your decor anymore. Maybe you have and “in” with some retailer, restauranteur, or business person that would be willing to donate a service or merchandise. If any of these scenarios seem to ring a bell, or any other possibilities come t mind, please contact us for inclusion in the ever-popular Silent Auction. Contact:
David Fujita through the church office,

Help spread the word! A supply of posters, postcards, and flyers is available in the church foyer ready to be placed in a window, or sent to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone looking to join in a day of good food, fun, and entertainment in a warm welcoming community setting. Ask a shopkeeper, restauranteur, or service person whose business you support, if they could reciprocate by displaying a poster for us. We want to welcome as many people as possible to this very special day.

Download a poster:
Download a flyer: