A Word from Our Pastor 2018 May

It’s that time of year again, for our annual Bazaar!

I know that many of you look forward to this event as the highlight of the year, and this year there will be some changes. Perhaps you have heard already that the work schedule will be substantially different than in previous years: please spread the word to people you know who attend our Bazaar.

We are making changes to our Bazaar as a matter of faithfulness. We desire to be faithful to those who patronize our Bazaar by providing the freshest, most delicious products. Our commitment not only to our church but to the greater community and neighborhood means that we will strive for hospitality and excellence.

Please note that the doors to the Bazaar will open at NOON. If you arrive earlier, we will have entertainment in the back parking lot that will begin at 11:30 a.m.

Our patrons will be most affected by the fact that this year we will be reducing the number of ribs box lunches by half the usual number. Therefore, if this is your favorite, be sure to get your tickets in advance and arrive early. Further, we have decided to discontinue making futomaki this year.

However, we are planning to have more than enough of our other menu items: beef curry, udon, chicken salad, inarizushi, chirashizushi, unagi, manju and other desserts so that we hope that no one will be disappointed!

If you are so generous as to be willing to help with food preparation, please note that most of it will happen on SUNDAY. We will be doing the barbecuing, sushi assembly and the usual preparations for curry and udon on Sunday.

I have been asked why we are making these changes. If I had to highlight one primary reason, it is that we have had difficulties with refrigeration. In order to follow food safety guidelines, if the food is not refrigerated it must be served within 4 hours. Therefore, we will be preparing perishable items to fit within that timeline.

We are counting on you to help us through this transition. If you are a volunteer with food preparation, we really need you to let us know when you will be able to work, and are grateful for those who will come on Sunday. For those purchasing food, we may not be as efficient as usual, so we request your patience. I am confident that with the high level of skill and deep level of commitment we have in our volunteers, that all will go well.

Change is never easy. But it is exciting: doing things in new ways helps us to be more attentive to and reliant upon God’s presence and guidance. When Jesus promises us new life, it is not just an extension of the life we have now, it is something completely different, an opportunity to discover new things about God, ourselves and our community. This Bazaar is a resurrection!

–Rev. Naomi