A Word from Our Pastor 2017 September

BMU’s Congregational Care Ministry (CCM)

For several years now, we at BMU have been blessed with volunteers for our Congregational Care Ministry (CCM). I have received a couple of requests to explain what our CCM does.

Congregational Care Ministry is one aspect of the work of the Membership Committee. There are three general areas of ministry: prayer, visitation and telephone or written contact; CCMs are also involved in grief support.

CCMs pray during the week for the concerns that are voiced on Sunday morning during the congregational prayer time, or when people gather after service for prayer. All prayer concerns are kept in strictest confidence, unless they were raised publicly during worship. CCMs meet each week to pray for the congregation and for the ministry; additionally, CCMs are always involved in study – either a study related to our faith (Bible, devotional themes, etc.) or related to our caregiving responsibilities (grief, depression, etc.).

CCMs supplement Rev. Naomi’s hospital visits. Rev. Naomi will visit with church members/friends before surgery or procedures; if desired, a CCM will follow-up with a visit to the hospital visit. In response to persons under hospice care, visits from Rev. Naomi and CCMs are more frequent, depending on the wishes of the care receiver and their family. For those in retirement or convalescent homes, or who are isolated, CCMs usually visit once per month. Depending on circumstances, CCMs provide support through telephone calls and/or written communication. For shut-ins, the Membership Committee may also do visitation or provide other supportive communication.

All of our CCMs are trained Stephen Ministers. Stephen Ministry focuses on
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a particular specific issue such as divorce, short-term depression, unemployment, other life-changing circumstances. Usually the CCM meets with the care receiver once per week. When circumstances change, the CCM and the care receiver may decide to discontinue meeting. As with all CCM issues, care-receiver concerns are held in strict confidence.

In most cases, a CCM will attend the planning meeting for the memorial service. For services held at BMU, a CCM will stay with the family before service and make sure they are comfortable. Also, a CCM will also send follow-up notes at intervals for one year, and possibly during the holiday season.

We hope that this ministry has been helpful to our community. In addition, CCMs are committed to ministering beyond BMU, and reach out to others. If you know of a person who may want the support of this ministry, please contact Rev. Naomi.

Our current CCMs are:
Lee Marrs, Flora Ninomiya, Carolyn Soto, Greg Suzuki, Mike Williams.

Inactive: Gail Poust, Naty Uno, Karen Wilairat

–Rev. Naomi

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