Youth Programs

We are truly moving into summer – our youth will enjoy a school break and explore different christian camps and other activities during summer.

On May 27th, all-church-flash-mob was a big hit in the BMU community and among all visitors at the Annual BMUC Bazaar. Our youth members were big part of the Flash mob team. They helped the Bazaar in many forms with their talents, devoted hearts, spirits of serving and helping hands. They were everywhere helping, selling, serving, dancing, playing, laughing, building relationship with new friends, and etc…Two youth members answered in the Sunday School Class to a question of “Why do we do Bazaar every year ?

Their answers were: “It’s another way of worshiping God.” and “It’s about expressing our love to people when we cook for them.” I am so delighted that our youth were able to think of questions of WHY and WHAT FOR, and find profound meanings on what we do.

Thanks be to God!

One June 17th, we celebrated the Dads and Grads. We have three 2012 Grads who graduated from high School.:

Tak Israels, Sara Hayes, and Alex Rynhoud. Thank God for their great work and growth, praying for God’s guidance in every further step that they make as they open up a new chapter of life. A-men.

I am filled with gratitude when I think of the many ways we come together and offer our talents, love, and support for each other as children of God.