Wednesday Night Social Hour

What are you doing Wednesday at 7pm?

Hopefully, it’s joining us online for Wednesday Night Social Hour! In this time of of “social distancing,” we want to make sure we are not distancing ourselves away from each other. Come and join us for some time together. Catch up with everyone and see what they are up to. All you have to do is click here on our ZOOM link every Wednesday at 7pm.

Each week we will have a theme just to start off discussion. But don’t feel like that will limit us! We can talk about anything you all want. And we’ll end our time together with a group prayer for each other and those we care about.

Look at all the yummy food! Do you have a favorite?
Our discussion this week: What is your favorite hymn or Christian song?

Cassie came up with this idea of having a social hour based on what we used to do while living in the South. Our churches all had Wednesday Night Suppers which were just great ways for people to gather and share in a meal while visiting with friends. Either before or afterward people would go to choir practice or Bible Study and it became a time of social gathering (instead of social distancing). So feel free to eat while we talk, have a dessert, or just come and be with us while we catch up.

One of my favorite dishes to bring – Six-Layer Dip! I love many dishes though…

Now, more than ever, it’s a great chance for us to check in and keep in touch. Be there Wednesday night! We’d love to see you.