Two Easters?

Easter is about resurrection.

It’s about renewal. It’s about new life. We often celebrate baptisms and confirmations on Easter because of what the day represents. We dye Easter eggs because the egg is a symbol of new life and rebirth. So it will be for us.

Right now we are going through a time of darkness. There is anxiety, fear, and worry – and rightfully so. The Coronavirus is wrecking havoc around the world and forcing us to change our daily lives.

But we will have our Easter! 

In all likelihood we won’t be celebrating together in person. With the CDC guidelines in place and with the continued risk of gathering together, we will have to meet online, but we will still find a way to celebrate our Lord!  We will worship.  We will sing.  We will gather together as God’s people.  And we will have our Easter.

And then we’ll have another.

Easter is a time of resurrection and renewal.  It is a time when Christ returns to new life.  And when we finally are able to gather together again, let us celebrate Easter as one people as God intended!  Let us eat together, smile and laugh together, have a true flowering of the cross, and yes, even hunt Easter eggs.  Let us have something to look forward to and have it give us hope.  The day will come when we can truly gather together.  It may not be for a while, but we will keep praying for each other and lift one another up, and together we will make it through the darkness of these times and back into the light.  I look forward to both of our Easter celebrations!  Be with us on the journey. 

My family at Easter – Love the flowering of the cross!