No In-Person Worship Until at Least June 30

Bishop Carcano announced no in-person worship until at LEAST June 30

Bishop Carcano, the episcopal leader of our California-Nevada conference, announced on Thursday 5/28 there would be no in-person worship until at least June 30. The Conference Cabinet and staff have been working extensively on protocols for re-opening and hope to use this time to further refine, study, test, and train pastors and lay leaders on how to implement them safely. You can read the Bishop’s full statement here.

Bishop Carcano leading our Communion liturgy and serving with us at BMUC in 2019

As you know, the state has authorized worship spaces to re-open under very strict guidelines designed to protect the populace at large. While some are recommendations, considering the demographics of our community, we will likely follow these more strictly until such time as it is safe. We are in the process of forming a task force to study the challenges and come up with solutions to ensure the safety of all of our congregants.

In the meantime, our Worship Team is working diligently to make Sunday mornings a meaningful, rich, and powerful time of faith for us all. We have been blessed with visitors from all over coming to worship with us including some new faces that I hope you have welcomed online. We worship every Sunday at 10:30am on ZOOM and Facebook. If you haven’t joined us yet, we hope you will.

Worship online has brought us new life and creativity

Your safety is paramount to us. We don’t believe that in-person worship is necessary to building faith. God isn’t limited by proximity! And while we would like to greet one another in person, we may find that for our safety and protection, we will continue to delay in-person worship for quite some time. But we will continue to be the church! We will still have regular worship. We will still have opportunities to make an impact on our community, our church family, our nation, and our world. And we will still be there for one another even if only by phone, mail, email, and online.

When we are able to return, we plan on having a grand celebration! We hope you’ll join us and keep reading our website, Facebook page, and Instagram feed for the latest information. We love you and care about you. God bless you all.

Peace in Christ,
Rev. Craig