Craig’s Corner 2021 August

And so…we wait.

As we are preparing to return to in-person worship, the world around us continues to surge in COVID cases.  While certainly not as bad as it was back in January, the trend we had seen curving down has gone back up.  We had hoped to re-open for in-person worship this coming month (August) but instead we are planning on an October opening tentatively.  
Over the next few weeks, your COVID Task Force will be considering how we can best open safely.  We will be examining trends in COVID cases, reading up on the best advice from health officials and the CDC, and continuing our work to prepare the church for our return. Right now, the Trustees are coordinating efforts to give the church a deep cleaning. Our Worship Team is hard at work assessing our needs for hybrid worship (both online and in-person worship).  And we are looking at safety measures like masks, signage, and how best to do social hour.
We will likely open over a staggered period of time.  We’ll have our opening in October but then likely will meet online for a couple of weeks to assess how we did and to give all of you time to adjust and offer your feedback.  Our hope is we will be back to regular weekly worship in time for the Christmas season.  Again, how that will look like is still being determined but we are excited about the possibilities and are really looking forward to seeing you all again in person!
I know some of you are anxious to return.  So are we.  Please bear with us during these troubled times so we can make sure we are doing our best to keep everyone as safe as reasonably possible.  Until then, continue to join us online and invite your family and friends!  Let’s continue to be the people of God!
Peace in Christ,
Rev. Craig