Craig’s Corner 2020 July

Online giving is coming…

FINALLY!  I am so happy to announce that online giving is coming to BMUC.  In our digital age it makes sense for us to have more and more digital options and this is one of them.  People are familiar and comfortable with using their phones and other mobile devices for everyday transactions, it only made sense for us to go in that direction, too.  Especially with the transition to online worship.  To be able to give online is a much-needed step in the right direction.  

But we didn’t want to go with just any online provider.  We wanted one that was safe, trusted, used by many, with good testimonials and a good reputation.  We wanted a provider that would give us a positive online experience and one that offered options as we grow in the future.  After much research and contemplation, your Council of Ministries (our Board of Directors at BMUC) has decided to go with as our online giving provider. provides seamless online giving through our website as well as an easy mobile giving experience.  They have options beyond giving online at a reasonable price and they are designed with churches in mind.  But what you need to know most is that they are easy to use and secure.  As we draw closer to the launch date (still TBD), we will let you know more.  Until then, you are welcome to give by mail as you have.  

Giving is a gift to God as a thank you for all God has already done for us.  It is a spiritual discipline rather than a duty, a practice to help draw us closer to God instead of just something we’re supposed to do.  On a practical level, it keeps the church going.  It helps to provide not only the salaries of the staff, but also the insurance, the upkeep, and other expenses – even when we aren’t in the building.  So we thank you for anything you’ve been able to do during this crisis to help the church.  

Peace in Christ,