Craig’s Corner for September 2018

Stepping on Toes



“I think that was my toe.”


Jannifer Lee was the first girl I ever slow danced with. I hope I didn’t hurt her feet too much. At the end of 6th grade, they decided to hold a dance at Carmenita Junior High where most of my friends were going to school the next year (I ended up going to Whitney High which at the time was a joint Jr. High / High School). I don’t remember clearly, but I’m sure I stepped on her toes more than once during those three to five minutes. Purely by accident, but I’m sure it still hurt.

In this time of transition, I am aware I may unintentionally step on some toes as I learn the ins and outs of our church and our people. How a group functions is often taken for granted by the people inside its system, but a mystery to those on the outside. And while the doors have been opened wide by all of you and I’ve been welcomed into the fold, I’m still learning about how things work. So I just want to let you know now, if I ever step on anyone’s toes, I’m sorry. Please know it is completely unintentional and I mean no harm.

Both our sermon series logo and our theme for the all church retreat

I’m thinking a lot about forgiveness right now as we prepare for the upcoming church retreat. Leading up to it, we will be doing a three-part sermon series on the subject. Together with Chai and Mike we will each take turns preaching about “Forgiving Others,” “What We Need to Be Forgiven For,” and “Forgiving Ourselves.” It’s a subject that we don’t always talk about, but one that is really important for us to grow in faith. A heart darkened by bitterness and anger is one that is shutting out the love of Christ. None of want that, and most of us have something we either need to forgive (even if it’s just forgiving ourselves) or that we need forgiveness for.

I’m excited about deepening our faith together and hope to see you all at the retreat! And in the meantime, if I ever do anything to offend, please know it is not intentional and I’m sorry.

Peace in Christ,

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