Craig’s Corner for August 2018

Change is never easy.

Even when it’s a change we are looking forward to, there are often anxieties wrapped around it.

Getting a new job might be the best thing ever! But what will my co-workers think of me? How will I really get along with my new boss? Can I meet everyone’s expectations? Getting a new teacher in school was always exciting, but will she like me as much as Mrs. Dominguez did? Having a baby is one of the most joyous times in a person’s life! But can I be a good parent? Will I be able to balance home and work life? You get the picture. Even in the best of situations there is some sort of underlying anxiety often associated with it.

The original entrance to BMUC

Our church is in a time of change.

Some of you are excited to see what the future brings! But you might have anxiety about why change isn’t happening faster or go in the direction you hoped. Some of you like things just the way they are and you might have anxiety about change happening at all. Either way, it is not unusual to feel some tension in a new situation. I hope you will take some comfort that God is still walking with us during this journey and that we are all in it together!

That being said, we are not doing Wacky August.

After talking about it with our Worship Planning Team, we decided to skip it this year so we have a chance to develop a “new normal” for us in this period of change. I really thought about this a lot, but with the recent Church Picnic, the upcoming Choir Blast (hope everyone is planning to be there), and the Church Retreat all happening so closely together, I wanted us to just worship together for a stretch. We are however, still planning on doing Hawaiian Day on August 19th! So I hope everyone comes wearing their best Hawaiian outfits and carry with them the spirit of Aloha.

Singing together on Hawaiian Day (a little post editing)

Over these first few months together, I plan on listening to you. I will be praying about how my gifts and graces can benefit our church family and how I can add to the already rich legacy of BMUC. I hope you will be praying with me and for me about how I can be a part of the rhythm and life of this church.

Peace in Christ,