Should We Have A Church Retreat in 2021?

Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021?

Our Council of Ministries (the church leadership team) decided in an abundance of caution to cancel the 2020 retreat. The amount of planning needed to host such an event along with the cost were the deciding factors leading to this decision. Safety is one of our primary concerns and the council thought this was the best way to go. However, we want your input for a possible 2021 retreat!

For the past seven years, we’ve had the retreat on the fourth weekend in September, but is that the ideal time for us? It always meant skipping Sunday worship in our building, and while we would still have meaningful worship at the retreat, those who couldn’t come were not able to join us. It also meant closing our doors on the one day visitors expect the church to be open. Could we have the retreat on a different day? Maybe just two days? or during the week?

Also, we would love to see whole families go, but children are back in school and our college bound young adults are already in their first semester / quarter of classes, making it harder for them to come. Perhaps we could schedule our retreat for earlier in the summer?

Some of our folks don’t want to travel that far or have needs that may not be conducive to a retreat setting. Should we think of alternative sites? All of these are questions we have for YOU! You’re thoughts are important to us so please help guide our thinking as we plan for 2021. We have a survey we would like you to take so please click here and submit your responses by June 21st. Thank you!