Thanksgiving letter

Dear Friends and Members of BMUC,

This year our theme leading up to the end of the year is the coming of the “light” that we experience at Jesus’ birth. On Thanksgiving Sunday we will sing a song associated with the Jewish holiday Hanukah that has the line, “Don’t let the light go out.” Hanukah is a festival of light – families light special candles at home during this holiday, to remember the time the Jerusalem Temple was rededicated after it had been won back from the Greeks, who had desecrated it. Thus, “Don’t let the light go out” can refer several things – the “light” or wisdom of the people who have kept faith with God and with each other for generations; the “light” in your heart that burns for justice and compassion; the “light” of faith that inspires you to acts of repentance, reconciliation, charity and forgiveness. The song reminds us that it us up to us to keep the light burning: without our prayer, our will and our effort, the light may go out. It also provides us an opportunity to give thanks for this light – of love, wisdom, faith, and community.

I pray that your Thanksgiving will be full of family and food, and deep connections. I also hope that you will take the opportunity to keep the light burning by acts of generosity and service.

May God’s love surround you,

Rev. Naomi