Memorial Service Notification Process

This article is to help explain the notification process that is followed when there is a passing and a memorial service and/or reception is to be held at Berkeley Methodist United Church. (BMU)

1) Jill will send an announcement via email of the memorial service to Members and Friends of BMU listed in our church directory WHO CAN BE REACHED VIA EMAIL.

(If your emailed announcement has a message near the top that “images are not displayed”, please click “display images below” in the email, so we will know you have received and read it; or else your name may be given to the phone tree committee to contact.)

The name of the deceased and date of passing will be given, as well as the date, time and place where the memorial service is to be held (BMU).

2) If there is to be a reception, the email will state whether or not the family of the deceased wishes to have finger food brought to the reception.

3) For the people who CANNOT BE REACHED ON THE INTERNET AS THEY DO NOT USE THE COMPUTER OR DO NOT CHECK THEIR EMAIL ON A REGULAR BASIS, a call will be made by our UMW Phone Tree staff to speak to someone on the phone or will leave a message regarding the memorial service and reception and state whether finger food is desired or not.

4) When there is a passing and a memorial service/reception will be held, efforts are made to disseminate the information either by email or through the phone tree system on a timely basis, depending when the date of the service has been set. If anyone should want information or clarification regarding a memorial service/reception, they can contact the church office at or the phone tree member who contacted them.

Thank you,
United Methodist Women
Memorial Service Coordinators
Elaine Kawakami, Sara Haruyama, Kathy Uyeno, Jill Israels