March Announcements

Day of Remembrance
February 21, BMUC had its annual commencement beginning with the service.

The speakers were Harold Hayashi, Sandy/Lois and Flora Ninomiya. Each told their personal remembrances some time during their incarceration before, during and after EO 9066 was imposed on those of Japanese ancestry.
Thank you to those who brought memorabilia from the years 1942 to 1945. There were several new additions including R.J.’s school project on “Betrayal” which was eye catching, a job well thought out. Thank you, R.J. Hope to see it next year for those who didn’t get to read it. Also shown was an album of sketched drawings of Tanforan, a cot to resemble those issued to residents and Japanese rifles taken from Japanese soldiers. Thank you all for making this exhibit possible. Many visitors were seen viewing the materials.

My thanks to Mike Williams who set up the tables. My thanks to Pauline Nishi and my friends Kiyoshi Ina, Toru Saito and Bessie Masuda who stayed and helped clean up, and also Olivia Iwahashi and David Fujita.
Again, thank you for making this exhibit possible and enjoyable. See you next year!
–Kaz Iwahashi

In the Mail
BMUC would like to thank the Ninomiyas for the generous donation of a brand new 55″ flat screen TV and a blue-ray player. We are looking forward to using them for youth ministry as well as faith clinics.

BMU Lenten Opportunities to Make the World a Better Place!
Coat Donation: BMUC is collecting clean, reusable coats. Collection boxes will be available here thru February. See flyer.

Alameda County Food Bank Donations: (barrels in the foyer) — for non-perishable food items

Directory Photos & Update of Info

To BMUC members….Please see Harold Hayashi on Sundays. He will be taking pictures for the new directory. Let him know after the service before social hour, he will be taking the pictures in the back part of the Issei Chapel. The sooner your pictures are taken, the sooner we will have the new directory. Pictures are a great part of any directory, it reminds us in identifying people.
If you have moved, changed your phone number or email in the last 5 years, please let Jill know at The directory will be most useful if it is accurate. Thank you!

Copy Paper Donation Thanks
Thank you for the additional donations of copy paper for the church office! We are the church together!

Let’s Watch some Hoops!
Come out and cheer for our teams!
BMU E Gold results for Ohtani Jamboree
Game 1 – Win against Ohtani 20-13
Game 2 – Win against Diablo 20-10
That was the Championship game as the Jamboree limits 4 teams to each division.

Shaughnessy Playoff/Championships for the EBYAL is this weekend at Castro Valley High

The C-Silver team (6-8th graders) ended up in 4th place for league, and will played the first place team in Round 1 Saturday 4:15pm vs. East Bay Free Methodist, Court #1

If they won, the Championship game is played on Sunday at 10:45am. Court 1
If they lost, the Consolation game is played on Saturday at 8pm. – Court 2

Castro Valley High is located at 19400 Santa Maria Ave

BTW – Jason is one of the assistant coaches of the Ohtani B (high school) team. They finished the league play in 1st place.

The SJUMC Sacramento basketball tournament will be March 19 & 20. Watch the Sunday announcements for more info.

Sister Churches & Organizations

Raising Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of LGBTQQ in Our Nikkei Families
Date: Sunday, March 6th, Time: 2 to 4 pm

Location: Mountain View Buddhist Temple, 575 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View

Hear personal stories from individuals, parents, and family members who overcame fear as they searched for acceptance and discovered a renewed sense of self. Learn what it means to be an ally and show your support for more inclusion of LGBTQQ people in our families and the Nikkei community.

Tadaima, meaning “I’m home” in Japanese, will culminate in a 1-day conference on Saturday, April 2nd in San Jose that will bring together Japanese American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning individuals and Allies. For more information, visit

Wesley UMC: Fifth Anniversary Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Apr. 5, 7p.m. 566 N. 5th St, San Jose. Guest Speakers Terumi Kataoka, Deputy, Aizu Radiation information center; and Rev. Masashi Sato, Tohoku Disaster Relief Center “Emmaus” Associate Pastor, United Church of Christ in Japan.

Praying for GC2016: What will happen?
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) — When the 864 delegates arrive for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference, each one comes blanketed in prayer. The Rev. Tom Albin, director of the church’s Upper Room, invites all United Methodists to blanket the entire proceeding with intentional prayer. Kathy Gilbert reports. “The prayer ministry for the 2016 General Conference is more intentional, more inclusive, more integrated and more expansive (than previous quadrennial gatherings) which, hopefully, will make it more visible,” Albin said.
Bishop Grant Hagiya said he received a vision from God while he was praying.
“What if, God said, there was a General Conference where argumentation and advocacy to one’s personal biases were set aside and we all pulled together to work on some major life-transforming initiatives?” he said.
“What if was the vision,” he said during the Jan. 19-21 pre-General Conference news briefing held in Portland.
“I pray you will ask that same question and God will bless you with your own vision of what can be,” Hagiya said.
60 Days of Prayer website: