Landscape Dedication Ceremony

Landscape Dedication Ceremony


The Peace Poles have been installed, and a lovely dedication ceremony was held for our new front Garden on Bazaar day. Speakers included Rev. Naomi, Marvin Uratsu, landscape architect Bob Fukushima, David Fujita, and Flora Ninomiya. Rev. Naomi blessed the garden and we pinned our prayers and memorials on paper slips to the memorial trellis. The Taiko group performed while we all danced the tanko bushi.


As co-chairs of the Front Garden project, Richard Pearson and David Fujita wish to thank everyone (approximately 100) that made monetary donations to the Garden Fund.

There were 4 major donors to the Garden Fund and plaques will be attached to 4 rocks in memory of their loved ones:

Tak Kako in memory of Alice Kako

David &. Joan Fujita in memory of Tad & Yoshi Fujita and Joe & Mits Katagiri

Richard Pearson & Jean Hart in memory of John and Elrose Pearson and Mildred Hart & Joe Okasu

Ninomiya Family in memory of Martha, David. & Mary Ninomiya

The two lovely benches in front of the church were donated by:

Tekawa family in memory of Reverend Doctor Lester and Seda Suzuki, and Lee Marrs in memory of Annette Chestnut Marrs

We have almost enough money to completely pay for the project, but donations are still being accepted. Please send or give donations to David Fujita, Trustees Chair. Thank you to all those who have donated to the project already.
Special thanks to Marvin Uratsu, honorary chair of the fundraising campaign, for all his help.