June Sunday Volunteers

June Volunteers
We are the church together!
BMUC Worship Leaders
7 Greg Suzuki
14 Kaz Iwahashi
21 Carolyn Soto
28 Lee Marrs

BMUC Ushers
7 Margie Suzuki, Lucy Angaaelangi
14 Pauline Nishi, Alice Ninomiya
21 TBA, May Hirose
28 Ruth Ichinaga, Mike Williams

BMUC Pianists
7 Kaz Iwahashi
14 Kathy Uyeno
21 Michiko Uchida
28 Kathy Uyeno

Sunday Greeters
7 Olivia Iwahashi
14 Alice Ninomiya
21 Alice Ninomiya
28 Pauline Nishi

Sunday School Teaching
Elementary: 1st & 3rd Sundays, Jean Hart. 2nd & 4th, Lois Kaya
Middle: Mike Williams
High: Mike Yamauchi

Homevisitor Assembly
July 2015 Issue
Next article deadline 3rd Sunday 6/21
4th Sunday assembly 6/28 Pallop and Karen Wilairat, Peggy Hiratzka, more help please!

Baby Care
7 Judy Fukumae
14 Jean Hart/Richard Pearson
21 Esther Takeuchi
28 Naty Uno

Coffee Hour & Cleanup
7 Chow mein cleanup Trustees
14 Sunday School Teacher Appreciation luncheon
21 Dads and Grads
28 Haru Goto, Sandy Kaya

New helpers are always welcome! Be the church!

If you don’t cook, monetary donations to the coffee hour/potluck fund are gladly accepted. Thank you!
Your help is always welcome! If you would like to volunteer:
Worship Leader or Usher, Kaz Iwahashi (233-6752) kazu12@sbcglobal.net
Sunday School teacher, Mike Williams 526-2821 msw31855@gmail.com
Pianist, Michiko Uchida(526-4725)
Newsletter Assembly Crew, church office bmuchurch@gmail.com
Thank you for being the church!