February Announcements

Day of Remembrance
On February 21, BMUC will have its annual Day of Remembrance, featuring reminiscences from BMU members. There will also be an exhibit in the social hall.
It’s time to look into your closets, boxes, on your bookshelves, etc. for the reminders of the years 1941-1945 when we were imprisoned following EO 9066. Please bring your artifacts you would like to share and talk about. An exhibit of those belongings and memories will be in the social hall. Bring them to the church between 9:30-9:45am- Sunday morning – so that they may be arranged for display.
Our members, those incarcerated, are diminishing; we need to show and tell our stories. Any questions, call/ask Kaz Iwahashi @ (510) 233-6752.

Worship leader and usher schedule
The schedules for the year are not being mailed out for various reasons. Please refer to the master schedule on the door in the church foyer. Your service to the worship service is sincerely appreciated. For questions, please contact Kaz Iwahashi or Jill Israels. Thank you.

Directory Photos
To BMUC members….Please see Harold Hayashi on Sundays. He will be taking pictures for the new directory. Let him know after the service before social hour, he will be taking the pictures in the back part of the Issei Chapel. The sooner your pictures are taken, the sooner we will have the new directory. Pictures are a great part of any directory, it reminds us in identifying people.

Joyous Reunion Thanks
Much appreciation to Kathy Uyeno, Liz Nakamura and Reverend Naomi for coordinating to make choir happen at the Reunion/Potluck last Sunday. Rick Sakaji, thank you, for getting Yusef and Kay Shafi to accompany you for the introit. Also to Bishop Sano for agreeing to do the sermon, outstanding! To all that brought delicious food to the potluck celebration, and those that helped in the kitchen to present it on the table, you are special! David and Joan Fujita thank you for ordering and picking up the “extra” food, as if we needed it. Tanko Bushi topped off the event, Carolyn, Irene and Ruth thank you, it was fun!
Special thanks to May Hirose and Jill Israels for their help in getting addresses of the past ministers for me, and to Flora and Alice Ninomiya for helping with the welcome refreshments to greet the ministers and wives before service, and to host reverend Ken Miyake. To Esther Takeuchi and Richard Sekiguchi for greeting the guests at the door with the corsages. Tomoko Hayashida, you are always so reliable in making sure that we have a beautiful floral arrangement to greet the people. Your friend Mrs. Sakai did a beautiful job.
I am so grateful to the worship committee for giving membership committee the opportunity to take on the ‘Joyous Reunion”/ New Years event. Reflecting on last Sunday, it has given me the feeling that how much I had missed out on knowing these past ministers and wives during their times of service at the church. I am saddened that the others that were invited were not able to attend. Hoping to someday meet with them. To Sandy, thank you for your loving help.
With much love, Lois Kaya

Copy Paper Donation Thanks
Thanks to David Fujita, Sandy Kaya, Karen Wilairat, Kathy Uyeno, and anyone who may have donated paper to the church office anonymously. We are set for a while!

Let’s Watch some Hoops!
Come out and cheer for our teams! Final regular season games!

BMU C-Silver, May Hirose’s grandson, Lucas plays on this team
BMU E-Gold, Julia’s twins play on this team.
This month’s games:
2/6 8pm, BMUCSilver1 v. SACBCCSilver2 @ Tice1
2/6 7pm OhtaniEGold1 vBMUEGold1@ Korematsu
2/14 4pm DiabloEGold1 v BMUEGold1 @ Diablo
2/20 6pm BMUCSilver1 v OhtaniCSilver3 @ Muir
Tice: 2055 Tice Valley Blvd, Walnut Creek 94595
SACBC: 32975 Alvarado-Niles Rd,Union City, 94587
Diablo: 3165 Treat Blvd, Concord 94518
Muir: 1444 Williams St, San Leandro 94579
Korematsu: 13701 Bancroft Av, San Leandro 94578

Leah Yamauchi plays for Ohtani girls team:
2/ 6 6pm Ohtani vs. Ardenettes 8
2/ 13 6pm Ohtani vs. Diablo 7
2/ 20: Ohtani vs. ??? (6pm. Or 7 pm. – depending on standings)
Ohtani games are at Alameda Point: 1101 West Redline Ave. Alameda 94501

Wadi Foquin Dinner
Saturday, Feb. 13, 6-8p.m., Lake Merritt UMC $50/person or $300/table of 7 or 8. See Rev. Naomi for tickets.

Coat Donation
BMUC is collecting clean, reusable coats. Collection boxes will be available here for a limited time. See flyer.

J-Sei Crab Feed
The tradition continues and we want to make sure you save time in your schedule for J-Sei’s 25 Annual Crab Feed. Safely sourced crab (currently, fresh and delicious supplies come from Alaska and Washington) will be served. The perfect accompaniments to the Dungeness crab will be garlic noodles, Asian salad, sour and sweet rolls and dessert.

Join us on Sunday, February 21 at the El Cerrito Community Center located at 7007 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito. Early seating is 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. with a late seating from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Takeout is available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. A wonderful dance performance by the Soranbushi Club of El Cerrito High School will take place at 5:30pm.

Contact the J-Sei office for dinner tickets: (Lindsay Hiratzka also has tickets to sell) $45 in advance, $50 at the door. Children 12 and under $15. A drawing with $500 cash grand prize will be held and winners need not be present to win. Drawing Tickets: $2 each or $10 for six tickets. Dinner and drawing tickets are on sale through the J-Sei office, so be sure to order your tickets today! Mail checks payable to “J-Sei” to 2126 Channing, Berkeley, CA 94704 or call(510) 848-3560 for more information.

Tadaima, Japanese American LGBTQQ and Allies presents:
Understanding Gender Diversity in Our Families and Community
Date: Saturday, February 6th, Time: 2 to 4:30 pm
Location: Berkeley Methodist United Church, 1710 Carleton St, Berkeley (at McGee St)

Advocates like Marsha Aizumi and Congressman Michael Honda have raised public awareness of the “T” in LGBTQ and opened up space for a dialogue that seldom happens in our Nikkei communities. With churches and temples becoming more affirming, this is a perfect time to explore the gender diversity that exists among our Nikkei children, youth, and families. Join us to hear stories of Michelle Honda Phillips, Aiden Aizumi, and Mioi Hanaoka about their challenges and triumphs. Expand your own understanding of gender diversity and find out how you can be involved and support Tadaima LGBTQQ and Allies events.

Raising Awareness and Fostering Acceptance of LGBTQQ in Our Nikkei Families
Date: Sunday, March 6th, Time: 2 to 4 pm

Location: Mountain View Buddhist Temple, 575 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View

Hear personal stories from individuals, parents, and family members who overcame fear as they searched for acceptance and discovered a renewed sense of self. Learn what it means to be an ally and show your support for more inclusion of LGBTQQ people in our families and the Nikkei community.

Tadaima, meaning “I’m home” in Japanese, will culminate in a 1-day conference on Saturday, April 2nd in San Jose that will bring together Japanese American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning individuals and Allies. For more information, visit www.tadaimabayarea.org

United Methodist News Service

A church without a building
PORTLAND, Ore. (UMTV) – A new church start here looks a lot like church did in biblical times. The Revs. Eilidh and Jeff Lowery are United Methodist pastors who have founded a church without a church building and they have no plans to find one. The Sellwood Faith Community gathers regularly for dinners, nature hikes and other events where prayer and fellowship are also on the menu. Watch UMTV video

How to recruit volunteers without begging
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS) – Churches need volunteers, and lots of them. But how can you convince someone to sacrifice time, energy and sometimes even their own money, to do something for free? Tricia Brown, a writer for United Methodist Communications, offers ideas. http://www.umcom.org/learn/recruiting-volunteers-when-begging-bargaining-and-badgering-doesnt-work