5 Alice Ninomiya
12 Jean Hayes
20 Esther Takeuchi
26 Michelle Garabedian

2 Vi Kimoto
9 Jack Syme
16 Lois Kaya
23 Olivia Iwahashi
31 Pauline Nishi

2 Lois Kaya
9 Hiroko Iida
16 Jean Hayes
23 Olivia Iwahashi
30 Liz Nakamura

6 Lois Kaya
13 Jean Hart
20 Ruth Ichinaga
27 Wayne Akagi

4 Bill Shimamoto
11 Kiku Ito
18 Roy Yamada
30 Pauline Nishi

1 Steve Hayes
8 Miyo Uratsu
15 Paul Iwahashi
23 C. J. Joshua
29 Lee Marrs

6 Elise Mitoma
19 Wayne Akagi
27 Lee Marrs

3 Sara Haruyama
10 Takashi Kako
17 Richard Pearson
25 Esther Takeuchi

7 Takashi Kako
14 Sara Haruyama
21 Cheryl Tekawa-Pon
28 Maru Hiratzka

5 Cheryl Tekawa-Pon
12 Judy Fukumae
19 Roy Yamada
26 Richard Sekiguchi

2 Jackie Takahashi
9 Carolyn Soto
16 Jean Hart
23 Kathy Uyeno

7 Mike Williams
14 Kiku Ito
21 Elaine Kawakami
28 Roy Yamada
29 Alice Ninomiya

Dear “Sunday Greeter”:

Here are the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUNDAY GREETERS AT BMUC”. If you have any suggestions or additions for improving them, please let know us.

1. Greeters should be at Church before 10:00 a.m.

2. Please put on your nametag from the nametag box, which is in the cabinet in the foyer. Place the box on the table in the foyer and when people come in suggest that they wear their tags so people will know their names.

3. Greet everyone, especially the new visitors, with a SMILE as they enter the church. Introduce yourself and when appropriate, have them fill out the “Welcome to Berkeley Methodist United Church!” form. (white form). Forms will be kept in the gray folder in the right hand cabinet in the foyer. Return filled-out forms to the gold folder.

4. If a special program or activity is planned for the service, or we have a guest speaker, explain briefly what or who they are.

5. Accompany the visitors into the chapel, seat them, and introduce them to the person seated the next seat.

6. After the service, accompany the visitors and circulate with them to the coffee hour area, making introductions with everyone, especially to Rev. Naomi.

Thank you for being a Sunday Greeters. We hope that everyone who comes to BMUC, especially the new visitors, will leave saying what a friendly church group we are and that they will return many more times.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find that you are not able to fulfill your assigned Sunday, please call and exchange with someone else on the list. If all else fails, call Alice Ninomiya at (510)758-1085 or. Thank you very much.

Alice Ninomiya, Chairman
Membership Committee