News from Your Trustees

  1. We wish to express our gratitude to Kevin Pon for his dedicated service to BMUC as he steps down from his seat on the Board of Trustees. His knowledge and judgement have been a great asset to the church. He will truly be missed in our endeavors, but we wish him God’s blessings as he turns his focus toward other matters. We hope to find, and invite, others to take up the challenging work of the church trustees.
  2. When you come back to church, which we hope will be soon, you will find a handsome new fence along the westside parking lot. A careless driver ran into the old fence in December. We were fortunate that his insurance covered the exact replacement as before. BUT, new!
  3. The upstairs unit of the church-owned duplex next door has been vacated, and is now being prepped for new occupants. When repairs are completed we will be looking for new tenants. If there are any members of our congregation in need of housing, they would be our first consideration in filling the vacancy.
  4. Our kindly neighbor at 1720 Carleton, Sally Zinman, has informed us that she will be taking on the expense of mending and stabilizing the portion of the eastside parking lot fence that borders both our properties. It has needed attention for some time, and has been on our many page maintenance list. So we are grateful that she has taken it on for our mutual benefit.

Your Board of Trustees: Cassie Crossley, Joy Goto, Randy Hill, Lee Marrs, Mike Williams, Rev. Craig Yoshihara